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Affiliate Tools Cuerpo Sin Celulitis

“Truth About Cellulite” Spanish Version

5 Easy Steps To Success With A High-Converting Spanish Clickbank Product That Anyone Can Implement!

Facebook and other social network ad clicks are cheaper in Spanish, and yet the commissions you get are the same. So if people are buying new houses with their earnings from the English version, what can you do with the Spanish one?

TruthAboutCellulite has had phenomenal success in English, French, Spanish and German, so how much easy money is there to be made in Spanish?

The Spanish-speaking world is a huge emerging online market, growing at a rapid rate. And you don’t need to speak Spanish to advertise there.

Our sales video has had some outstanding results over recent weeks.


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5. For Facebook Traffic!

This Product Is Allowed On Facebook!

You might be amazed but Facebook is letting this run and it’s working!

So let’s get to it, you want to make $40-45 per sale, here is how you do it.

  • Sign up for an advertising account on Facebook, POF, Sitescout or whatever platform you use.
  • Target your ads geographically to women in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Puerta Rico, Spain, Ecuador, Peru, USA, Venezuela (in order of market size, the first 4 countries listed are the biggest)
  • Specify only woman whose first language is Spanish
  • Break down your campaigns into age groups: 30-35, 36-40, 41-45, 46-50, 51-55, 55-59
  • Use either your own landing page or one of ours, with your link listed above
  • Consider breaking up your demographics by targeting interests: many women want to sign up for this program, but not all are able to. Target those with higher incomes.

Use Prosper202 or DirectCPV to track your results.

Or place some banners on some media networks you know, and target female Spanish-speaking traffic.

Social Media Ads

Here are some of the highest CTR ads you can use on social networks, adding this text to your banners, or on PPC search/display networks:

  • Entrenador LOCO Revela Los Secretos Para Eliminar La Celulitis – y Como Este Ejercicio Muy Raro Quita La Celulitis De Las Piernas, Cola y Cadera>>
  • ¡La Industria De Celulitis Es Mentirosa! – Entrenador Experimentado Revela Como Ningun Tratamiento Comercial Puede Eliminar La Celulitis>>
  • 100% Libre De Celulitis – Entrenador De Mujeres Revela Como Ha Quitado La Celulitis Enteramente Del Cuerpo de Esta Mujer En 3 Semanas
  • Quita La Celulitis en 97% de Mujeres – Como Este Método Raro Elimina La Celulitis De Manera Efectiva en Casi Cualquier Mujer
  • La Causa #1 De La Celulitis! Evita Esto y Estarás Libre De La Celulitis Para Siempre
  • ¿Harta De Los Tratamientos de Celulitis Falsos? Este Nuevo Método Raro Quita La Celulitis en 97% De Mujeres
  • ¡Sin Celulitis y Encantada! Cuando Aprendi Como Eliminar La Celulitis, Me Quede Asombrada! Haz Clic Para Ver El Método Raro>>
  • ¿Libre De Celulitis Para La Vida? Estas 3 Mujeres Revelan Como Han Perdido la Celulitis y Como Nunca La Han Vuelto a Ver
  • ¡Belleza Sin Cellulitis! Estas 3 Mujeres Revelan Como Han Eliminado Toda la Celulitis y Como Nunca Ha Vuelto
  • ¿Por Qué Tengo Celulitis? Este Entrenador Físico Revela Lo Que 97% De Mujeres No Saben Sobre La Celulitis


Here are some banners to get you started for media buys, direct buys or display.

GO HERE and scroll down the page to get ALL our Spanish banners.

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